Blue, Dragonflies, washable and reusable – free shipping

$15.00 $10.00

Sold By: Celebrate Handmade Crafts


Thank you for shopping handmade, supporting small businesses and dreams.

These masks are made when you order, handmade just for you.

Due to the demand, I ship between 3 – 10 days from date ordered if not sooner. Masks are washable & reusable.

Adult masks measurements are approximately 8 x 5.
Children mask measurements are approximately 9 x 4.5.

Please note that because each mask is handmade by one person, each mask is “one of a kind”. Sometimes, they might change a bit in color, logos within design, and size. As for the size, if you find yourself having a difficult time finding the perfect size, please message me your size from nose to chin and from side to side so I can make yours to fit as much as possible

If you have any questions, please email me at celebratemycrafts [!at] or DM me at

***Face masks are not medical grade***

Made in California

Made with LOVE

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