Hydroknit Filter 3-Layer Cotton & “Shop Towel” Mask, Reusable, Elastic, 2 Sizes

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“buy one give two”

By ordering this mask, you are covering the cost of a mask for yourself, as well as two masks to be donated to first responders, medical personnel, and at risk community members in Los Angeles County.

These three-layer masks with nose wire are created using the design from Suay Shop in LA

  • Outer layer is a durable cotton (color varies and may be black, navy blue, or OD green)
  • Inner two layers are polyester hydro knit fabric (known as industrial shop towels).
  • Elastic ties rather than loops form tighter fit that does not loosen over time.
  • 4″ nose wire
  • Two sizes available for better fit.
    • Regular size fits average sized faces
    • XL is 5% bigger, for larger faces

Suay Community Mask Coalition in LA discovered after testing dozens of fabrics, that by adding two industrial shop towels and using a design that produces a tighter-fitting mask, they could make a mask that can filter particles 2x to 3x better than cotton alone.

Two professional sewing shops in LA are employed to make these masks, and can produce up to 1,000 per week. The production of these masks helps keep them working as well.

Please allow us up to five days to ship, so we can prioritize delivery of masks to first responders and those on the front lines or at high risk of exposure. The design is constantly being improved upon, so what you receive may differ slightly than what is pictured.

The masks can be re-used and hand washed

Note: These masks are not direct substitutes for N95, surgical, or procedural masks and are not FDA approved. Masks should no be used as a substitute for social distancing, but rather used as a supplement to #STOPTHESPREAD .

Storage: Hang the mask in a designated area, or store in its own paper bag or cardboard box, one bag/box per mask. Take care that the exterior of the mask does not come into contact with skin, or other hard surfaces.

Care instructions: Hand wash in warm water with soap. Hang dry or on “gentle” cycle with a towel. It is recommend that you hand wash these masks to extend their life.

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No refunds or returns are available.

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