Camo Face Mask (Free Shipping)

$18.00 $13.00

Handmade, cotton blend, washable and reusable cool camo print mask! Triple layered with Egyptian cotton and a filter pocket on the inside, get yours quick cause we only have 8!

Sold By: Edwards Masks


All our masks are made with a cotton blend material, they are triple layered Egyptian cotton with a filter pocket for extreme comfort AND protection. All our masks are machine washable and very sturdy for long life. We make our masks with paracord and push button toggle fasteners for an around the head adjustment system that’s easy to use and very convenient, especially for people who need to raise and lower their masks continually. This Camouflage material is purchased directly from a military uniform supply company and is made from the exact same material that military camo uniforms are made of, I know, I wore them in combat for years. We’ve
received rave reviews and multiple repeat customers, we have limited supply of Camo material. Please email me or text me @ 951-505-3640 for info. [email protected]

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