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N95 And KN95 Designation: The N95 (USA) And KN95 (China) Mask Designations Are Very Similar Between The Two Countries.  

While the N95 masks are currently designated for healthcare workers,  KN95 masks give the same protection, and are appropriate for the civilian population

KN95 filter masks are designed for small viral particles such as Covid-19; They are effective to help protect against viruses, airborne dust, allergens, smoke, pollution, ash, pollen as well as the spread of oral liquids to mouth and nose.

  • 2 Single Pieces KN95 Medical Mask
  • Easy Breathing KN95 Protection
  • Personal Use Mask Individually Wrapped for Added Protection
  • Treat Your Mask as a Valuable Apparatus to Get Full Use
  • PM2.5 Particle Rating
  • KN95 is the rating given to a mask that can filter out 95% of dust and particulates in the air.
  • Ideal for Helping Preventing the Spread of Viruses Such as COVID-19
  • Comfort Fit Medical Mask
  • Ideal for Around the House, Walking the Dog or around Friends and Co-Workers
  • Comfortable Elastic Supports
  • Made in China

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