Maker Gel Hand Sanitizer (4oz)

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We began producing face shields as a response to the demand of PPE by medical professionals and other essential workers. Now, we’re responding to the demand for more products to help keep us clean. Our 4oz hand sanitizers contain 70% isopropyl alcohol as its active ingredient, similar to many name brand products.

Every sale will go into helping us produce and donate more face shields to our front-line workers! Thanks to the support from our communities, we have successfully delivered more than 2000 face shields!

Sold By: The Maker Society


Here at The Maker Society, we believe in the power of Doing It Yourself. This is why when the world experienced a PPE shortage earlier this year, we took to printing face shields for medical workers and essential personnel. Thanks to our donors and supporters we have been able to manufacture and donate more than 2,000 face shields to various locations all over the country. We are not done yet!

Thanks to our team of talented individuals and help from students at Cal State Long Beach, we have developed our own gel hand sanitizer.

Our 4oz hand sanitizers have 70% isopropyl alcohol as its active ingredient, similar to most name brand products.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 3 in

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