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  1. PPE-Safety Face Shields, Transparent, Plastic Face Protection w adjustable strap



       Manufactured in the USA 



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Tiki headband comfort face shield.


       Manufactured in the USA 



Medical professionals report there should be no gaps that would allow droplets to reach the face. Our Face Shields have no gap between the forehead and the front of the shield. Some 3D-printed designs have a gap between the forehead and the front of the face shield, which is not optimal. Safe Shield offers thick foam to ensure there is no gap. benefits:

  1. Durable, flexible, transparent plastic sheet to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth—the best entry points into the respiratory system.
  2. According to US physician and epidemiologist Michael Edmond anytime someone leaves home, the best way to protect themselves is to have the most vulnerable entry points protected. Masks have been heavily promoted as the equipment of choice, but epidemiologists, Dr. Edmond, suggest that face shields should be the equipment of choice.
  3. Face-Shields can be a better solution because they cover a greater surface area and help keep wearers from touching their face.
  4. Importantly, face shields are durable, can be cleaned after use, reused repeatedly, and for many people are more comfortable than face masks. 
  5. Shields are washable and reusable
  6. Edmond, also an infectious disease physician, states, “I think every person should have a face shield, it should be worn anytime they leave their home, while in any public place, and even at work.” 
  7. Safe-Shield offers thick foam inside the headband to ensure there is no gap. 

*Statements above are reported as on public data. User should research on their own. make no expressed or implied guarantee or warranty on their products. Users/Consumers wear at their own risk and choice.

There are no returns due to the nature of this product being worn on your face. Returns or exchanges will be considered if the product is arrives damaged. 

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FS Tiki Black headband

FS Tiki Black headband

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FS Lavander Hawaiian

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