Reusable Face Coverings for Kids!


Available sizes:

Kids XS

Kids Small

Kids Medium

Please select from the fabric choices below!

*Price includes shipping – we ship between 3 – 5 days from date ordered, or sooner*

We pride ourselves in developing a practical, well constructed and washable face covering that fits comfortably and complies with the most up to date CDC guidelines. Because the suggested guidelines can evolve often as new data and research arises we have included openings on either side so that you can easily replace the provided filter with whatever the CDC approves at any point in time; just remove the one we’ve inserted into your mask and use as a template to cut out a new one.

Our masks are handmade with a mix of cotton and poly blend and feature a flexible wire sewn into the nose section that can be adjusted for a more custom and secure fit. All face coverings are disinfected before packaging.

Hand wash with soap and hot water then air dry. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, suggestions, and/or concerns as we strive to make our product the best it can be. Stay safe and thank you for doing your part in these trying times.


– Much love, MR.

Please note, MR. is not making medical claims for these face coverings. We do not guarantee these will protect you against COVID-19. These do not replace N95s. 



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