Tie dye 2 layer face mask


If you’re looking for a face mask this is it. $9. Super basic 2 layer mask for running to the store and back. No filters just 2 layers of fabric. Non medical grade.
3 Layer for $11 in another listing.
Next day or same day pick ups available.
*Please note these do not offer any Covid19 protection but are recommended they are worn to protect others in the event you do have the virus and are unaware.
Very informative video from a virologist of why any face mask is helpful. It’s long I won’t lie but get to the 15 minute mark and the info is amazing https://fleecefacemasks.com/p…/general-face-mask-information.
On April 3, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that everyone wear a simple, cloth face covering while out in public.
***We do NOT make any claim that our masks will prevent the COVID 19 virus. Only that if you had the virus and were unaware it COULD help prevent the spread.
Do not use masks as a substitute for social distancing and hand-washing. Masks can help stem the spread of germs, but other actions should also be taken. Be sure to keep your mask clean by washing it.

Machine washable

Sold By: Saaridesign

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