Upcycled Face Mask – White Bandana


Handmade, adjustable face mask with filter pocket design. Upcycled, twice-washed, steamed, quarantined in its own Ziploc, comes with one coffee filter. Ships free!

Sold By: CambriaMade


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A handmade face mask specially designed with a pocket opening at the top where you can insert your own filter (coffee filter, or others). Baffling adds layers of protection. Handmade from upcycled materials, pre-washed, steamed, upcycled and quarantined in their own Ziploc bag for added safety. Comes with a coffee filter for you!

The ribbons tie around your ears to fit you comfortably, and the baffled fabric expands to fit your face.

These are handmade and upcycled from bandanas and ribbons, so each is a one-of-a-kind, unique handmade piece.

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