White Double Layer Cotton Adjustable Face Mask – 2 Pack


Sold By: Red Eye Media


• Package Includes 2 white face masks made of high American cotton.

• 100% 30/1 American Cotton

• Soft and Breathable Fabric

• Double layer cotton construction with top and bottom binding, cover stitch closure and three pleat expansion

Size Details:

Height 4.5″ (flat) 7″ expandable x 7.5″ width

*This face mask does not substitute medical masks.

More about the mask: a washable, reusable 100% American Cotton fabric face mask.

Ensure proper fit: To reduce alternative airflow and ensure air flows through the mask it is recommended to use double-sided tape to secure the mask on the nose and cheeks if you choose to.

After use, the mask should be washed at high temperature in a washing machine and completely dry before using again.

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